Secure System – High Data Protection

At RNM it is one of our key corporate values that we develop our softwares in compliance with the strictest security requirements. We understand that this is well desirable from an online software. The guidelines of 7 Touchpoints of Secure Software and Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle methodologies are respected. We are proud to report that ever since we started operations, there have been no issues of security nature. This is not only due to our colleagues’ dedication to work securely but this is our basic requirement towards our development teams too.

All of our systems and data required for day to day operations are regularly backed up. In case of malfunctions or data loss, disaster recovery plans guarantee that the service will resume working shortly.

In accordance with industry standards, our services run on servers that belong to Amazon AWS. All our servers are running Linux and are subject to regular security updates. Access to our services and all connected 3rd party systems is strictly limited to authorized individuals. In an unexpected case of unauthorized access to any part of our system, you will be promptly notified of the extent and details of the incident.

Data protection is assured as information passing between our servers and the RNM client software running on the machines of our users is transmitted with strong TLS 1.2 encryption. Information passed between user machines and our servers can only be operationally necessary.