Part 1: Add your machines to the Dashboard

How RNM works (overview)

RNM is a cloud-based render farm monitoring and management software. RNM can be accessed through your browser, therefore all the functionality of the software is available for you where you have an internet connection and a mobile device or laptop.

RNM has 3 main components:

RNM servers in the secure Amazon Cloud

The Dashboard

This is the main control panel you can monitor and control your render farm from. You can simply open and login with your credentials. All the main functionality you will use is located on this interface.

The Agent

To make your machines show up on your Dashboard, you need to install the RNM Agent software in them. The agent provides the Dashboard with the information about the machines and it will execute the commands you send to the machine from the Dashboard. The Agent automatically updates itself, so you will not have to reinstall it on every render node when we release a new version.

The Mobile apps

Optionally you can download our mobile applications, which are simply opening a simplified version of the Dashboard for you. It might be convenient when you want to have a separate icon on your home screen to check on your machines quickly.

Action Steps: Installing the Agent

1. Download the Agent

Keep in mind that having a stable internet connection on your machines it is a prerequisite for RNM to work. You can download the Agent installer by going the Settings page, opening the “Add new machine” section, and clicking the “Download agent.exe” blue button.
The file name of the installer contains your unique account identifier, please do not rename it, because in that case it will not function properly.

2. Distribute the installer to your machines

The recommended way to distribute the installer to your machines is to simply put it on a shared network drive, that is available for your render nodes. The installer supports being run from the network share, you do not need to copy it to your desktop before running it.
Alternatively, you can copy it to a USB stick, and move it around manually to every machine.

3. Install it on the machines you want to monitor and control

The installer only works on Windows 7 x64, Windows 8.1 x64, and Windows 10 x64.
To install the Agent, you simply need to start the installer file, and click “Next” all the way trough.
There is a slight chance your installation will be interrupted because you are required to do something manually (these cases are listed below in the “Possible problems” section).

Possible problems


If you still use windows 7 with Windows updates disabled, you might have to install a critical security update that have been released in 2015. The installer will prompt you if this is required and will direct you to the specific patch download page on the Microsoft website. A reboot is required after the patch have been installed.


If you have the UltraVNC Server already installed on your machine, then RNM will not be able to provide the one-click remote desktop functionality for you. To resolve this issue, you must remove UltraVNC from your machine before you install the RNM Agent.

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