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Company Mission

Our company is working on software solutions to everyday technical annoyances that kill productivity in creative workplaces. Our current focus is solving problems related to render farm management. We are striving for making the industry-leading product in the render farm monitoring and management niche.

Rendering is a beautiful process but a sizeable chunk of it is tasks which graphics designers like you have no affinity doing. Experiencing first hand the hell that a malfunctioning render farm can give in projects with tight deadlines is the primary reason why RNM was born. Having clarity and control over the systems involved in distributed rendering processes is a key to meeting submission deadlines and maintaining one’s sanity during complicated projects.

It fills us with joy knowing that RNM saves graphics designers hundreds of hours of manual and repetitive error prone work troughout the world. With RNM You can spend more time on creative tasks and in the end have more time to enjoy with your family and friends.