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Save 80% of time on 3D render farm management

Rendering is the soul of 3D graphic design, but without proper tools it can cause a lot of headaches. This is especially true for medium-sized studios and freelance designers. Up to now, they could manually control their render nodes with remote desktop – which was a time-consuming and less professional method – or they could use expensive render farm management programs, which are optimized for large studios. The Render Node Monitor team has a completely new solution for them wherewith they can reduce 80% of the render farm network managing time, saving energy and money.

The market of 3D graphic design grows exponentially thanks to the spread of VR / AR technology, the development of architectural visualization and the evolution of gaming and film production. In the 3D design process, rendering is one of the most important factors that require a lot of resources – in computing and hardware capability, human resources, electricity consumption, simply put in money and time.

You only use remote desktop for managing your render machines?? So old school...

Negotiate verbally about the rendering nodes is a common practice in small studios, but this system can lead to chaos and above all the mismanagement of the machine’s capacity. Remote desktop by itself does not provide sufficient help, because it is not capable of solving the rendering tasks. It does not give feedback about the process of running rendering nor CPU, GPU and RAM usage in case of multiple machine management. Moreover, remote desktop does not notfy the user, if something went wrong. For freelancers and medium-sized studios, as we have already mentioned, expensive render farm management programs are not an option, as a large amount of payment of annual licenses would put too much financial pressure on the company.

Cutting-edge solution for optimization

Freelancers and smaller studios have already met with RNM, which was fully re-launched in June 2018. Version 2.0 is the perfect choice for those who look for something designed especially for their size and problems. The easy and quick installation, transparent and clear interface of the application is guaranteed to be safe even though it is online. We do not even have to worry about using the manager and monitor software. It was extremely important from the start of the development that the usability of the program has to be clear and self-evident from the first interaction. RNM, offering a monthly payment option for smaller studios, constantly expands the list of compatible 3D graphics softwares, but it can also be used as an add-on for other render management programs.

RNM focuses on status of the machines instead of the current workflows. The software can save time and money with real-time, multiplatform alerting for rendering errors, as it provides immediate intervention – from anywhere, anytime. The Render Node Monitor’s alarming system can save intervention and troubleshooting time and financial loss by correcting and optimizing the rendering process. Logs that record the events of the render farm can help us optimize the utilization of the farm. The developer team also promises more practical and supplementary features to make the analyzing process easier and help making decisions about rendering and utilization.

“I have imagined a simple, efficient, remote, accessible system that everyone can use easily to check the farm and click on the commands that most often needed on all machines simultaneously. I decided to develop my own system. The first version was improved by the feedbacks and had additional features, creating the new software that is ideal for 3D rendering studios or freelancers. RNM 2.0 is a tool in their hands to simplify their workflows and save time. The software provides transparency, continuous control and security. All of your colleagues can use it simultaneously on a shared surface, either from the office or from anywhere, anytime.” says Gery Tóth, Co-Founder and Managing Director of RNM.

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