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Remote Desktop? So old-school… Try this new solution!

Render Node Monitor provides an effective solution for mid-sized studios and freelancers

Are also tired of using remote desktop solutions for your render farm management which are less effective and outdated? But your company is not big enough to effectively use costly render farm management solutions? An enthusiastic and experienced Hungarian team of developers has created a solution named Render Node Monitor (RNM), which is ideal for freelancers and mid-sized studios for saving time and money while monitoring rendering.

How is RNM different from other solutions? How can you save time and make your life easier by using it?

While larger render monitor programs require investing time and money, in the case of RNM promptness, effectiveness and simplicity are the key words. Installing the fully online but completely secure program takes only minutes and does not require IT competence. On top, the structure and colouring (UI) of the dashboard is very clear-out, which makes it easy and simple to use.

In other words, you do not need to pay a large sum of money for a software, which is quite complicated to use. Speaking about expenses, it is important to note that with RNM you can opt for monthly payment plan, which is a very favourable offering for smaller studios.

RNM supports a number of 3D rendering programs already, but the list of compatible softwares is continually expanding, in view of demands and feedback.

It is important to note that RNM is able to monitor and functionally supervise in the case of any application. Essentially, while monitoring rendering is the main function of RNM, it can carry out management tasks as well. Not to mention, it is capable of handling the spawner of Deadline and other monitoring softwares, this way RNM is suitable for optimising other softwares used in rendering.

While programs monitoring large sized render farms are job specific, RNM monitors the data and status of machines. Effective resource management is key, not only from the point of view pf cost reduction, but it makes scheduling of tasks easier as well, ensuring transparency and usability while running paralell projects.

In the event of a node error for example, RNM does not cut off the machine, but sends instant notifications and helps solving the problem by providing real time data on CPU and GPU status, RAM usage rate, threats and overheating risks. In other words, it is not only more comfortable than remote desktop, but can save us money and time by monitoring the efficiency of machines by providing full-scale availability to our farm irrespective of time and geographical location. Users are notified about unexpected events by SMS, e-mail, iOS or Android mobile application alerts, moreover users are provided with an insight into farm activities via RNM’s log.

Fundamental IT maintenance is also a feature of the software, but the development of render strength scale is also among the plans. With these pieces of information, users can see whether the maintenance, or restart of machines is necessary, what is more, the near continuous complete usage of our render farm can signal that our machine park needs an upgrade.

Try Render Node Monitor today!