Although the market for 3D render management softwares is not the largest on the planet, due to the enthusiasm of the profession and the demand for innovation, his year has brought a number of novelties and upgrades to the segment of render farm management and maintenance softwares. Let’s have a look at what is new this year, which solutions are there to use to make render farm management and monitoring more effective and easier.


Market leader Deadline has launched the latest update to its version nr. 10 this May, named, which can fix the most frequent bugs, and also supports 3ds Max 2019 and Vue 2016. The software which supports over 80 content production applications and programs and is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, meets the standards expected. The only weakness we could highlight is the pricing. Deadline is mainly specialised on big companies and mega studios, which means that smaller studios cannot really make use of it owing to its pricing which is not only costly, but its usage takes a significant amount of time to learn.

PipelineFX – Qube!

Qube! is also among the market leader products, which surprised its user with a complete redesign of its UI. Pipeline is proficient in providing support services and it now treats its users with a more flexible and colourful User Interface. The question of whether the aim of the novelties (a more user friendly dashboard, HelpDesk, Documentation, forum, support app and tutorial videos) is to hide the too complicated nature of system arises of course.

Virtual Vertex – Muster

The team of Virtual Vertex could not rest on their oars either. They hit the list of latest trends with version nr. 9 of Muster. Developers of Muster debuting in 2000 seem to be committed to slow, but secure progress, since the program received a much expected rewritten error and alert management and notification system. We hope, that users do not have to wait so long for fixing errors arising in the meantime…


Less known names have also come out with a few novelties this year, such as the 2018 upgrade of Smedge, bringing simple installation, simple usability, artist és operator friendly interface. Its advantage is its disadvantage at the same time, the render farm manager lacking overcomplexity knows as much as its clear-cut design indicates.

Render Node Monitor

Freelancers and smaller studios have already had a chance to meet the 1.0 version of RNM, but the enthusiastic development team have created the coolest render node manager and monitor program of the year with an upgrade. It is a perfect choice for those, who are tired of using oldschool remote support, but investing in a bulky and pricy softwares is not reasonable for them. With RNM users can have an effective program saving time and money, which is easy to install and handle. Moreover it also manages the spawners of render farm management sofwares – so it is perfect as a supplementary application as well. The program developed by an enthusiastic team of geeks boasts with super practical functionality.