Manage your render nodes easily

RNM is useful for you:

  • If you are a 3D visual artist working with 3D Studio Max, Maya, or Cinema 4D
  • If you have your own render nodes and are rendering with Backburner, V-ray or Corona
  • If it is hard to see and manage which spawners are running on which nodes, and you are using remote desktop to do so
  • If you need to restart your spawners/nodes frequently, because your nodes don't always connect to the distributed render
  • If multiple users are using the same render nodes at the same time, and it is hard to see which node is used by whom

How can RNM help you?

  • By visually summarizing the status of all render nodes on a simple online dashboard, so that you no longer need to wonder:
    • Are the nodes turned on?
    • Are they rendering?
    • Which spawners are running on them?
    • Which node is used by whom?
  • By enabling you to stop or (re)start the spawners simultaneously on all machines with just two clicks
  • By enabling you to turn your render nodes off or wake them up
  • By providing easy installation requiring only about one minute per node; learning to use the program takes only one minute more


"It's SUPER cool. We've tried similar software before, but they worked really bad compared to yours. It's going to be a big help forward."

– Morten Haugaard Olesen

"RNM has changed our way to manage the machines across our network. First, it was easy to deploy, so we were up and running with it in no time. Then we started to use it directly, RNM has quickly found its place in our daily work, allowing to monitor our rendernodes as efficiently as possible. Last but not least, RNM guys offer a great support: whether on simple questions or on feature suggestions, there's always someone to answer!"

– Nicolas Caplat

"Before RNM we used remote desktop access to manage our nodes. It caused a lot of trouble, so we lost several working hours every month. With RNM it is much easier now and the tool also offers a simple solution to see which node is used, which node has problem etc. All in all the rendering process works smoothly now."

– Péter Pajor


RNM is a brand new tool developed specifically for your needs. And we know we’ve done a great job - the companies who have tested it so far just love it.

You can use our tool for free throughout early 2017 in exchange for the feedback we need to make this tool the perfect one.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to support 3D designers, so that they can focus on creative work over IT troubleshooting. The purpose of this software is to minimalize hassles with farm management and help you save time and energy so that you can concentrate on your real work. Our users can always contact us directly for Skype/email/messenger support. We are determined to bring this tool to perfection in the near future by closely listening to and better understanding the needs and ideas of our customers.

The Team

Zoltan Petrik

Lead Software Developer

I started programming about 9 years ago, and I have a passion for writing tools that help people avoid boring, repetitive tasks.

The reason I joined this project is to support the work of 3D artists, which I am passionate about (especially sci-fi), and it makes me happy to help them avoid IT hassles so they can concentrate on their art.

Gergely Toth

Business Development

I started working in the 3D Archviz industry 10 years ago.

Since then I've managed to build my own business with 6 employees.

My goal is to help you focus on your creative work, instead of wasting your energy on IT problems.

Please contact us if you need more information: